Friday, July 18, 2008


My intention of creating this blog is to share some of my art and craft projects। The idea sparked when I was cleaning my store...I was so surprise to find so many art and craft materials which were kept in the store all this while। Some as long as 15 years, bought while I was still studying.

As an Art & Design graduate, and also an avid art lover, I felt bad throwing all the materials away। Therefore, I decided to put my skills and passion to good use and created "The Sequin Tree", my first artwork in a very long time – made from a recycled frame, unused sequins, acrylic and canvas.

This would be the first of many more artworks to come...stay tuned.


Johnny Botts said...

The sequin tree is fun. I really like the idea of recycling and re-using stuff for art.

Waisulqurni Ismail said...

Thank you. I am currently still putting my thoughts to recycle/ re use the unused art material in my store which will be converted to so called office. I'm thinking of upload the photo one by one.