Monday, July 28, 2008

Shirt For Dinner

Last week, I was invited to a dinner party which was held by one of my friends at his place. It was one of those themed dinner parties and it was "Elements of Nature" this time. I would normally buy something to wear for the occasion but because I had already promised myself to reduce my spending, it was recycle and reuse with an added touch of creativity for my attire.

With that in mind, I started going through my old clothes and whatever unused fabric I had. To my amazement, I found an unused piece of weaved fabric which can be used to add a tad of traditional Malay influence onto a normal long sleeved shirt.

As it was "Elements of Nature" the weaved fabric was cut to resemble nature in the form of leaves and a butterfly. I now had a new shirt altogether, but the best part is it was my creation. I was even surprise when my friends started asking where I bought the shirt as they were also interested to get one themselves!

With compliments from friends, I might end up having my on apparel collection...

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